Hello and welcome to the Sessions Street Community Garden website.
We’re happy you’re here!

If you’re a garden member, welcome. Here you’ll find information about events, garden tips, recipes, our favorite photographs and more. Please comment, share, engage in this digital process so that we all may continue to grow in our gardening efforts together.

If you’re a guest, welcome. We’re happy you found us here. We’re a well established garden located on Sessions Street just behind the JCC. Please feel free to stop by and visit us in the garden. We each have our own plots that we tend with love and care throughout the season as well as a few communal plots that we share. The chores associated with maintaining the garden are also shared, such as weeding, mulching and composting. At times we hold workshops in the garden and are actively involved with Southside Community Land Trust.

Throughout the season it’s likely you’ll find us in the garden at the end of the day with a table cloth laid out, food and drink to share. Live music, children running back and forth from the garden to the play ground and back again, friends enjoying the fruits of their labor. The whole family, many families talking and laughing in the true spirit of community gardening.

We hope to share with you some of our collective knowledge, our love of gardening and our joy in being on this journey together!


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