Beet It! Cocktail

Beet It! Cocktail (from Linda and Kelly)

From Assistant Sommelier William Nazar
Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Pocantico Hills, N.Y.

1/2 ounce red-beet vodka
1/2 ounce orange-tarragon syrup
A sparkling wine, such as Spanish cava

The Vodka:
Pour 750 milliliters of 80-proof vodka over two good-size washed and chopped beets in a jar you can seal tightly. Put the infusion in a dark place, shaking it occasionally, for about one week. Then strain.

The Syrup:
Make a simple syrup with 1 cup sugar to 1 cup water, the peel of one orange (avoid adding the white pith just under the skin) and 10 to 15 sprigs of tarragon. Simmer and stir about 20 min. Remove from heat and let the orange and tarragon steep in the simple syrup as it cools. Then strain.
Chill the vodka and the syrup. Mix and top off with the chilled wine to taste. Serve in a champagne glass and garnish with an orange twist.

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